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Dominic Headley FRSA

Dominic is the UK’s foremost expert on criminal records, a trusted expert adviser to the government on criminal record policy, and author of Recruiting safely and fairly: a practical guide to employing people with convictions which was developed in partnership with the DBS and CIPD.

What we do

Dominic Headley & Associates (DHA) is a specialist consultancy practice that provides expert advice, guidance and resources, training, and consultancy services to organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors on safe and inclusive recruitment, safer admissions, and dealing with safeguarding concerns effectively.

DHA works in partnership with others to develop and deliver employability initiatives that challenge the status quo.
We also provide specialist training to organisations that support people with convictions and those at risk of offending so that they can compete for meaningful education, training, and employment opportunities. 


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"Dominic Headley and Associates have an impressive breadth and depth of experience and knowledge in the field of safe and inclusive recruitment that is accessible and reliable. That is why they are such valuable and trusted partners."

Dr Suzanne Smith PhD,

Executive Director for Barring and Safeguarding

The Disclosure and Barring Service

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